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Beginnings (the grounds)

17 Jul 17
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We thought it would be fun to share a blog of our ministries beginning to present. It began with a thought from my sister given from God… a God thought! The thought given, “was wouldn’t it be fun to have a coffee shop.” However, when she called me she said, “hey sis you should start a church in Arcadia.” Which I responded NO WAY! After hanging up the phone I felt strongly impressed by the Holy Spirit to go look at the town of Arcadia. I argued with God. NO! But I gave in and called my sister back. We met at Pop’s in Arcadia and discussed our plans.

My sister in her daily devotion in 1 Thessalonians 5:14-18, felt the Lord was telling her to go about doing good for people. I felt that according to Psalms 3:3 we should help lift the heads of those who were down. So together we came up with a plan to encourage people and bring a smile to their face by giving them happy little gifts. SO IT BEGAN!

We left Pops and drove the town. We decided that we would start the following Thursday passing out little gifts and if the Lord opened the door offer to pray for anyone who was willing. I left my sister and went home. No sooner had I gotten home she called me and said wouldn’t it be fun to start a coffee shop. The idea excited me and we came up with a name for the shop, Hebrews 12:2 Coffee Shop. Crazy thing about this was that neither I nor my sister knew anything about coffee or of starting a shop. Most God thoughts and ideas are way to big for you to do! That is how you know its a God idea not your own.

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