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The walk…drive

17 Jul 17
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The following Thursday we drove to Arcadia with our little gifts to give. The first person we saw was a policeman sitting in the speed trap so we drove right up beside him, rolled down our window with big grins on our faces and offered him a pack of gum and said we wanted you to have a good day so please enjoy this gum and be blessed. With that we rolled up our window and drove away, laughing all the way…mainly because of his confused look. We then started down a new street in Arcadia looking for our next victim. Sure enough God gave us another person to surprise. A young woman wearing short shorts and a tube top was walking towards our car. Rolling down the window we pulled up to her, held out a package of gum and said we’d like to give you a gift. She cautiously approached wanting to know why we were giving away free gum. I got to tell you I thought it was funny that we were luring people to our car with candy. Didn’t moms tell us not to take candy from strangers? Sorry, back to the story. We told her that we wanted to brighten her day and if she needed prayer we would be happy to add her to our prayer list. At this point she began telling us her disappointment with the current church she had gone to and yes, she would like prayer. We prayed, took her name and number and promised to visit with her again the following Thursday. From this point we started knocking on doors and met a few people but then realized that this wasn’t working well because they thought we were Jehovah’s Witness and they would hide from us. So we prayed and ask God to show us people outside in the yards or walking who needed encouragement.

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