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God in the drive

20 Jul 17

We continued our Thursday drive, meeting people and praying with them and giving gifts. What was really awesome was when we had God moments in the drive. Here are some of the stories/God moments. One of the first stories was when we met an elderly lady at her home. When we stepped up on her porch we noticed a hole in front of her door. Our thought was that this was a hazard and that she could fall and break her hip. Not having money to help her we prayed and asked God for a way to help her. God gave me the idea to contact a friend of mine from church. When I called my friend, she put me in touch with a young man who had a construction company. After contacting him and sharing the need with him, he offered to build our elderly lady a new porch. All material and labor was totally donated and with in a few days our new friend had a new porch. What we didn’t know at the time was that God would use this act of kindness to begin a good reputation for our ministry.

Another story was when on one of our Thursday drives we met a man who was well know in Arcadia, in fact most people called him the father of Arcadia. He was well known and liked. Anyway the day we met him we saw him outside of his business and we stopped got our of the car and offered him a small gift. We introduced ourselves and he gave us his name. We started to leave when Vicki said wait I need to go pray for him. She went back to where the man was standing and told him she felt like God was telling her to pray for his stomach. She asked do you mind if I pray for you? He said yes pray and then told her he was fighting stomach cancer. God in the moment had revealed this man’s need!

God was moving and leading us as we drove the small town of Arcadia.  We prayed and watched for people that were out and about, staying aware of that small voice that would say this person, stop now.  We met people each Thursday as we drove the town looking for God moments.  Each week we would add people to our list to remember them in prayer.

One Thursday we felt lead to go into the businesses with our gifts and offer a word of encouragement.  We went into Subway and met a lady who worked there and gave her a gift and asked if she would like prayer.  She took the gifts and said yes to prayer, so right there we prayed over our new friend and ask God to meet her needs.  We didn’t know what was going on in her life but our God did.  She told us later that day was a turning point in her walk with God.  If we will be willing to move out of our comfort zone and say yes to God when He taps us on the shoulder, God can meet people in their everyday lives.  It isn’t always comfortable to pray for people at their work but obedience to God can change situations for people.

God was at the wheel in the drive through Arcadia and we wanted to be led and obedient.


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