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12 Sep 18
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HeBrews 12:2 Coffee Shop outreach is a way to encourage people on a daily basis. In today’s stressful world we want to bring people a great start to their day by showing Christlike love and acceptance to all individuals. We offer a place were you can come for a great cup of coffee and find friendship, peaceful atomshpere, and acceptance.

We are growing and are wanting to open a drive thru soon. To do this we need a better espresso machine and grinder. Most espresso machines new start around $5000 up not including the grinder. Would you be a part of spreading happiness, acceptance, joy and great coffee drinks to others? Hoping to raise the funds by January.

All our drinks are sold on donation basis. We suggest a donation of $3.00 dollars but anything offered is accepted. Our main goal is to encourage and brighten people’s day. Thank you for considering to be a part of this outreach by donating.

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