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Walk by faith

22 Mar 19
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Walking by faith is not for the faint of heart. Faith walking requires courage that only comes from God. Many years ago I asked God to make me a faith walker. I wanted to walk on water metaphorically speaking. I had no idea what I was asking. Fast forward nine years. Now as I have been walking by faith which by God’s grace and help has produced a small coffee shop outreach, I find I need more courage than ever to continue walking by faith and seeing God move this ministry forward.

This little ministry/outreach is going on its fifth year as a ministry and on its third year as a coffee shop that runs on donations only. It tries my soul at times and there are days all I can see is the lack of funds or the need for more volunteers who are willing to put in time without pay. The thing is a faith walker is to keep their eyes on Jesus not the wave of problems.

In Matthew 14:25-32 we find the story of Peter walking on water. First Peter sees something in the distance that looks like a man walking on water but the human mind can’t comprehend a man who can walk on water so the disciples cry out in fear thinking it was a ghost. Jesus immediately calms their fears, calling out to them and letting them know that it is He. Peter says if its you Lord bid me to come to you and Jesus says come. Peter steps out of the boat and starts walking on the water to Jesus.

Here’s my point: In the storm of life how many times do we see something that looks like God in the distance but our minds can’t comprehend it because it’s seemingly impossible so we think it’s something ghostly (scary)? Jesus calls out to our soul to calm our fears. We in our excitement say God if that’s you call me to you. God calls us to Him and we jump out of our boat and start walking towards the call only to be met half way with a wave that’s over our heads and ability. The wave is lack of funds, or job, or loneliness or whatever it is that has you stuck right this moment. The awesome thing is even as that wave threatens to take us down and destroy us Jesus reaches out and pulls us up and to Him.

We are instructed to walk by faith not by sight 2Corinthians 5:7. Keep your eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2) not on the wave sent by life and your enemies. The minute we look at the wave we are overcome. When that happens cry out to Jesus and He will save you. Then try again with the courage that only comes from Him. God says to overcome is not by our might or our power but from His Spirit (Zechariah 4:6).

One final thought, just this week I was faced with a financial dilemma in the coffee shop. I felt overwhelmed because I wanted to help and knew the coffee shop was not bringing in enough provisions for us to step up and meet this financial need. In my heart as I prayed I felt God lead me to move by faith not by what I saw. This was so hard to say yes to meeting this need and seeing the numbers in the ledger that said no. But God is faithful to give you confirmation in His word. Here’s the word that God gave to me. Psalm 132:15 “I will abundantly bless her provision; I will satisfy her poor with bread.” I know this verse is speaking of Israel but the word is living and is for us today as well. How amazing is it that this verse is speaking of “her”? I being a woman minister and owner of a coffee shop needed God to speak to me, and He did using the word in the verse, “her”. God will abundantly bless my provision and help me satisfy the poor.

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