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What is Hebrews Enough Home?

06 Jul 18
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Hebrews Enough Home is a place for women who are aging out of DHS foster care program.  We at Hebrews 12:2 Ministries want to offer a safe place for young women to come and receive training that will help them obtain a good job.  We also want to help with onsite counseling.  Finally give them spiritual help to live lives free of condemnation, rejection and guilt.  This is a three year program and each lady will have a small tuition that goes towards their supplies and upkeep. There will be training on life skills such as growing and canning produce.   We will offer help getting a higher education.  We want each woman to emerge from this program with self-confidence and the ability to stand on her own.


We can use your prayers.  We are in the beginning stages of acquiring this property.  There will be more post coming about the progress of this outreach.  Any and all donations for this project would be accepted and appreciated.  You can donate on this site by going to the donate tab and clicking on the words, “read more” which will send you to the place to donate.  When donating please leave us a message letting us know where you want the donation to go and leave us your email address so we can send you a receipt for your taxes.

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