From Grounds To Brew (Our Story)

God in the drive - We continued our Thursday drive, meeting people and praying with them and giving gifts. What was really awesome was when we had God moments in the drive. Here are some of the stories/God moments. One of the first stories was when we met an elderly lady at her home. When we stepped up on her… Continue Reading
The walk…drive - The following Thursday we drove to Arcadia with our little gifts to give. The first person we saw was a policeman sitting in the speed trap so we drove right up beside him, rolled down our window with big grins on our faces and offered him a pack of gum and said we wanted you… Continue Reading
Beginnings (the grounds) - We thought it would be fun to share a blog of our ministries beginning to present. It began with a thought from my sister given from God... a God thought! The thought given, "was wouldn't it be fun to have a coffee shop." However, when she called me she said, "hey sis you should start… Continue Reading

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